About Mari

Mari Uchida is an actor from the Chicago suburbs currently living in New York City. She is a 2017 graduate of Northwestern University and studied Theatre, Musical Theatre and Asian humanities.

In the past several months upon moving to New York, she has performed in Romance of the Western Chamber as Hong-Niang and in the Discover Series at National Asian Artists Project. Throughout her time at Northwestern, she has performed in school as well as in Chicago, alongside working consistently as a theatrical lighting designer and a photographer. Her most recent acting credits include portraying the title role in Mary Zimmerman's White Snake at Northwestern University, as well as Kristi Yamaguchi in the Underscore Theatre Company's Tonya and Nancy: The Rock Opera. She was also an acting apprentice at Williamstown Theatre Festival, performing as an ensemble member of the Late-Night Cabaret series. This past summer, she spent five weeks in Kyoto to study kyogen, a form of traditional Japanese Theatre. 

Born in Japan, she lived in the Chicago area for over 16 years. When she is not working, she loves to cook, bake, make jewelry, and watching videos of small animals.


"Mari Uchida’s performance is one of the show’s sharpest and most amusing—whether she is advising Chang on how to court Ying-ying or interacting with Lord Cheng-heng, her expression, voice and curtsy rife with disdain." --Leslie Delio, on Romance of the Western Chamber